Make Your Own - Haggis, cured meat, black pudding, pork pie & more

Fancy taking your sausage making and curing to another level. This is the place for you!

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  1. Black Pudding Mix 100g

    Black Pudding Mix 100g


    Out of stock

    Just add Pearl Barley, Oatmeal, Milk & Bacon Fat. Making your own Black Pudding has never been tastier. Learn More
  2. Butchers Twine 10 metres

    Butchers Twine 10 metres


    Strong, fine quality Butcher's twine. Learn More
  3. Haggis Seasoning 200g

    Haggis Seasoning 200g


    Our rich and flavoursome Haggis Seasoning is perfect for making your own traditional or vegetarian Haggis. Learn More
  4. Pork Pie Pack

    Pork Pie Pack


    Make your own utterly scrumptious Pork Pie Learn More
  5. South African Droewors Pack

    South African Droewors Pack


    Everything in a pack to make your own Droewors sausages - a fantastic taste of home. Just add meat & casings Learn More
  6. Polony Making Pack 225g

    Polony Making Pack 225g


    Everything you need to make your own unforgettable Polony - just add pork & casings Learn More
  7. Gelatine Powder 100g

    Gelatine Powder 100g


    Ideal for making your own Pies,Jellies,Desserts Terrines & Brawn. Learn More
  8. Pastrami Making Pack

    Pastrami Making Pack


    Everything you need to make your own delicious Pastrami, just add meat and casings. Learn More
  9. Butcher's Twine White Bulk 500g

    Butcher's Twine White Bulk 500g


    Strong, fine quality Butcher's twine - Bulk pack Learn More

9 Item(s)

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