Luxury 'Tipsy' Sauce Collection Gift Box

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A Gift Collection of Deliciously Unique Alcohol Laced Sauces for Grown-Ups.
We believe that this wonderful gift of taste should be presented in the best possible way. Therefore they are enveloped in rather a dandy glossy box!

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The members of our "Tipsy" Sauce Collection have joined forces to form a flipping fantastic Foodie gift - 3 is certainly not a crowd in this glossy box of unique and exciting delights for grown-ups!

- Brown Sauce with a vibrant burst of REAL BOURBON WHISKEY (ABV1.9%) warmth, lusciously enveloped in dynamic tones of stem ginger and spiced wildly to perfection 250ml

- Ketchup made with A REAL DISTILLED VODKA (ABV 1.8%) kick, bursting to the brim with ripe luscious tomatoes, infused with only a subtle touch of garlic and masterful spices . 250ml

- Mayonnaise with a hearty splash of the INFAMOUS REAL PROSECCO (ABV 2.3%). A glug of glorious fizz has joined our delicately tinged garlic mayonnaise, resulting in an unbelievable jar of concentrated luxury! 190ml

Bangers, Bacon, Fries and Veggies get your party hats on, it's going to be WILD!

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