Kamado Joe Classic 18"

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It comes with everything you need to grill ,sear and smoke. Moister meats with a wood-fire flavor

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Cook and BBQ on multiple levels on multiple surfaces at once! Twice the overall cooking surface Multi-level cooking (sear a steak and grill veggies at the same time.  Create different heat zones

There is far less ash to deal with on a Kamado Joe relative to traditional briquette grills because lump charcoal burns cleaner. That said, there is still some ash. To make dealing with this ash easier than ever we have included a handy slide-out ash drawer that will keep things clean and easy!


Premium 18" Ceramic Grill with Sturdy Cart

Locking Wheels

Built-in Thermometer

Folding HDPE (high density polyethylene) Side Shelves/Handle

Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System: 

Multi-Position Stainless Steel Rack

Two 304 Stainless Steel Halved Grill Grates

Two Ceramic Halved Heat Deflectors Patented

Slide-Out Ash Drawer 

Grill Gripper Ash Tool

Dimensions 46.5” wide x 48” high x 28” deep 118 cm x 122 cm x 71cm

Cooking Surface 18” diameter/254 square inches 45.7 cm diameter/1,646 square centimeters

w/Grill Expander 406 square inches 2,619 square centimeters

w/2 Set of Grates 508 square inches 3,277 square centimeters

w/Both Grates & Grill Exp. 660 square inches 4,258 square centimeters

Weight 188 pounds 85 kilograms

Heat Range 225°F – 750°F+ 82°C – 399°C

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