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Make Your Own Pepperoni Sausage Kit

Make Your Own Pepperoni Sausage Kit

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We have passionately designed our Kits to slot ever so nicely into busy, good-food-conscious lives. These kits allow for limited preparation time and the use of trusted ingredients, encouraging lovely creativity and lots of fun. A perfect gift for enthusiastic foodies and avid Pepperoni fans alike.

Mix our flaming, spice loaded Pepperoni Cure Mix with your favourite pork mince and ice cold water. Once the casings are filled, we promise that the exciting oven magic will produce a truly magnificent gift for your taste buds.

N.b Not suitable for gas oven users.

Ready to eat the same day - a tasty high protein snack, perfect for pizzas, picnics and much more.

Kit Contains:

2 x Pepperoni Cure Mix 64g

Dry Beef Edible Collagen Casing (enough for 4 long sausages)

2 Blue Sausage Filling Bags

Step by step instructions


At room temperature away from heat and moisture.


Spices, Nitrite Salt (salt not iodate, curing preservative E250), stabilisers E450,E451,E452, acidity regulator, spice extracts, thickening agent, antioxidant, smoke flavour

Casing:- beef protein, cellulose



Shipping Weight:



H14.5 x W19.5 x D4cm


Spicely does it (supplied by Spicetech UK Ltd)


Around 4 long pepperoni sausages

Can be used with:



Outer box (as shown) made from recycled and sustainable card

Alufoil bag contains pepperoni curing mix. Specially designed to retain the best quality of the ingredients

Food Grade Sealable bag for sausage casing

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UK and Europe

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